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They say they're coming to "kick the table over... and take over."

Operation Rescue / Operation Save America youth group at an Orlando, Florida, Barnes & Noble, June 2, 1998.

Statement regarding false accusations about the creators of this website that have been issued by Operation Save America leadership

Operation Save America is coming to Columbus to pick an argument.

While they will concentrate on a whole series of divisive issues (abortion, gay marriage, prayer in schools) the whole point of OSA's efforts is to cripple or discredit secular government and replace it with something rigidly governed by their own peculiar interpretation of Biblical law. Through the efforts of a whole subculture, of which OSA is just a small part, this process has already begun, and it is reflected, for example, in the policies of the Bush Administration both domestically and internationally.

They're counting on you to give them one.

They have always relied upon these divisive issues to advance their cause of Biblical governance by putting various "moral" and "spiritual" controversies first, diverting attention from the threat that they pose to the future of American democracy, religious and political pluralism, and the freedom of conscience.

They've already announced they'll stop at nothing short of taking over, without compromise or negotiation.

The quote above comes from OSA leader Flip Benham, who said at a conference in 1997: "We are not looking for a place at the enemy's table where we can negotiate with him. We are looking to kick the table over in the name of Jesus Christ and take over."

They're demanding the forceful elimination of our neighbors, our communities and our way of life, and the snuffing of pluralism and freedom.

They are not here to advocate change through traditional American methods of democracy and activism; when they break the law, they do not identify as lawbreakers, but as "upholders of," and acting in obedience to, their interpretation of Biblical law. They advocate the creation of a government that will exclude those they think are unfit, again based upon their peculiar interpretation and application of Biblical law. They advocate capital punishment for a whole list of things they arbitrarily deem to be moral transgressions, including adultery and homosexuality. These goals cannot be met through such peaceful means. Instead, they expect to make participation in government off-limits to those who simply disagree with them, beginning with intimidation, the creation of de facto religious tests for public office, and the use of exclusive, religious language and symbols throughout government, such as mandatory displays of the Ten Commandments.

Clearly, arguing with bullies like these is pointless.

Negotiation or argument are impossible with those who've already denied the legitimacy of these means.

To them only one word need be said, and it's a complete sentence: No.

This website exists as a communications resource to popularize an effective response in opposition to Operation Save America's week-long activities in Columbus. We, the creators of this website have observed OSA's past national events in a number of cities. From those experiences we envision a response based on new tactics, language and methods, based on a clear understanding of not only how we are targeted by OSA, but by what OSA actually demands.

This approach is what we call a "defusionary" response. It's an effort to defuse a situation caused by Operation Save America, which is truly a revolutionary group seeking to overthrow much of American life as we know it. Operation Save America leaders explicitly write about the "Second American Revolution" that they seek; far from being some "gentle" change, it's a revolution that won't save America, but will destroy it instead.

Clearly, the only answer to any of their demands is No.

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